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Cloud, Desktop Programming, Android and IOS

Our engineers, mathematicians and physicists create software in all common programming languages for different application areas. In software production we use the latest development tools and different languages such as C #, C, C ++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded, .NET Framework, VB.NET, Visual Studio, Embedded HMI, neural networks, MMI, Perl, PHP, SPS, Altium Layout Designer, Eagle, Matlab, LabVIEW, Android, IOS etc.

Embedded-Systems, Hardware and Software

In embedded engineering, it is important that the software is precisely coordinated with the hardware used. We have the necessary know-how for this. We develop system architectures and system solutions, including requirement engineering, validation procedures, test and inspection systems for a wide variety of embedded applications. We create prototypes and small series for hardware and software systems.

Artificial Intelligence and Databases

AI is revolutionizing many areas. With AI solutions, companies can not only optimize their own processes and promote sales through better data evaluation, but also make the value chain more economical and offer additional services for their products. We develop your data potential for you, aggregate and analyze your data and the data flow. The development of the data is the basis for the digital transformation. This makes the stored information easier to use and makes daily work much easier. Revealing the value of your data in a new way enables you to gain perspectives, new products and added value for your company and your customers

Validation, Testing Systems for Hardware and Software

A comprehensive validation system and testing of software and hardware is essential. We design validation procedures and tests, carry out static and dynamic tests of hardware and software, develop system solutions for validation, quality assurance and the automation of inspection and test processes for software and hardware. We create specifications and system solutions for the integration of new validation and test systems in existing processes

Laboratories and Industrial Image Processing

We operate our own testing laboratories, laboratories for embedded systems, PLCs, scanning technologies, 3D printing processes, electronics and industrial image processing. More and more process optimizations, robot applications and automation processes can only be solved with 3D image processing technologies. We have successfully specialized in this and offer customers a number of innovative solutions: from the positioning and feeding of components, robot guidance, testing and ensuring consistent quality to the control and monitoring of complete manufacturing processes.

Measurement and regulation technology

In the modern process industry, measurement and control technology are the essential success factors for increasing efficiency, quality and safety. Our team for industrial measurement and control technology meets the high requirements of our partners and clients and quickly familiarizes itself with existing systems. We modify your products for you and expand your product range with new developments